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Physiotherapy in Durham and Sunderland

Premier Physio is a well-established, private physiotherapy practice. We have clinics in Durham and East Boldon, offering the very best in Physiotherapy � whatever the problem.

Established by Jamie Oldroyd, a Chartered & State Registered Physiotherapist, Premier Physio is a professional treatment driven practice. We focus on treating the underlying cause of your problem rather than just the symptoms, ensuring you receive the best care possible, whilst explaining the problem in a manner which you will understand. We aim to achieve full fitness as quickly and effectively as possible, in order to prevent re-occurrence.

All patients are catered for, from the elderly to accomplished athletes, we treat a wide range of injuries. Conditions may range from sprained ankles to whiplash, muscle tears to back pain. We have the knowledge, treatment tools and experience to solve your problem and ease pain quickly.

We implement evidence based treatments, taking all factors into consideration when selecting the most appropriate for your individual needs. At Premier Physio we take pride in offering the highest standards of care, administered in a relaxing yet professional environment.

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